In the backyard, Chief and his wild raccoon companions like to play hide-and-seek (video)

It’s challenging for different animals to develop friendships, however, several examples disprove this. 

Even though the dogs are gentle and kind, they sometimes don’t get along with other creatures, in this example raccoons. 

Chief, a corgi mix, waits each day to interact with a family of raccoons. 

His owner Cheryl has a lovely heart and enjoys caring for animals who are in need. 

Three young raccoons were her last group of rescuers. They went back to the wild once they were mature, healthy adults. Due to their gratitude for the woman who fed them and kept them safe, they then decided to visit her every day. 

Cheryl was anxious that Chief, who had just been adopted, wouldn’t enjoy the raccoons’ visits, especially Magnolia, who was a mother of four. 

Surprisingly, though, they all grew close, and playdates with him were one of the reasons Magnolia and her children visited. 

He now enjoys laughing and playing hide-and-seek with the young children.


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