Instagram blogger posted some photos of her son and surprised her fans

The woman still hopes for the best

Katya Mezenova is a popular blogger with about 2M followers. She shares her beauty secrets and workouts on her page. The woman also shares family photos with her husband and 1-year-old son – Maxim.

Katya has never told anyone how hard it had been for her ever since she became a mother. On 15 October, the blogger for the first time, the blogger shared photos of her son – naked and without editing.

“I’ve been thinking about posting this photos for almost 1.5 year. I was worried like never before in my life. Me and my husband kept this a secret, and told only a few people. Many of our friends didn’t know about this, because whenever I wanted to open my heart, I would burst into tears.

The young parents have visited many doctors, but no one was able to diagnose the cause of his skin feature. Recently, the couple finally found a specialist who is ready to take on Maxim’s treatment.

“I still haven’t lost my hope. There’s still a chance. The doctor explained, it would be impossible to remove everything, but the risks could be reduced. It will take at least 7 years to fulfill the maximum that will allow Max to live his life to the fullest”, the blogger shares.

According to experts, the boy’s treatment might cost about 420,000 euros.

Although the parents are popular on the internet, they can’t afford the treatment at this moment. So, the couple turned to a charity organization, which is now raising funds.

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