Is This a Dress?”: Plump Ashley Graham Came to an Event Only in Underwear!

Every day, more people are becoming aware of Ashley Graham.

The American continues to be one of the most well-known plus-size models, appearing in shows and appearing in commercials for clothing companies.

Ashley thinks she should be able to wear anything she wants, from crop tops too tight dresses, despite her curvy and unconventional shape.

Graham encourages body positivity in society by teaching women to accept themselves and their bodies. Ashley loves every part of her body, including her tummy and the stretch marks that are visible on it.

No woman’s figure is ideal, but you should embrace yourself for who you are, according to the model.

The star’s attire might occasionally be rather outlandish and unorthodox. Graham showed up for a brand-new event wearing a really peculiar costume. The American plus-size model wore a translucent, shimmering robe over granny’s black underwear.

Instantly, the photograph seemed more personal and accentuated every element of Ashley’s body. Fans of the chubby celebrity agreed, claiming Ashley comes out as too stubborn in this picture.

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