It is really hard to imagine that these kids are genuinely twins because everything happens in nature

These two kids, who have quite distinct looks, are twins, believe it or not. 

The children Judith and her Canadian-born husband had long desired were successfully born into the world. 

Unfortunately, it took a long time for the woman to become pregnant, and throughout that time the pair visited doctors and had numerous operations. 

The pair never gave up in the pursuit of their shared dream of holding their own kid in their arms and prayed for the best. 

When they were 35, they decided to try in vitro fertilization, and happily, the procedure worked the first time. The woman was now in a precarious situation. 

The wonderful spouses soon realized that there were actually two babies under a woman’s heart. 

At the same moment, two adorable twins, a boy, and a girl were born. 

The twins’ parents, meantime, were genuinely shocked when they first saw their children because they not only did not resemble each other but also had very distinct complexion tones. 

The anxious mother was more than certain that the twins’ striking differences during pregnancy were the result of something going wrong. 

Later it was discovered that the girl had albinism, one of the world’s rarest disorders. 

The gorgeous twins are now 3 years old, and no one can help but smile when they are in their presence. 

People passing by continue to be in awe of their individuality and refuse to believe that they are twins. The girl’s impaired vision is typical of most albinos. High temperatures are also not appropriate for her condition. Canada’s weather is fortunately not too hot. 

Perhaps the least likely thing the couple anticipated was having an albino girl. 

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