It looks like an ordinary kitten, but its paws look very strange! History of Dust

It was hot outside, and a defenseless little tabby kitten was lying right in the sun …

A woman named Vanessa from Montreal, Canada noticed a baby near her home. He was left completely alone – without a mother, without brothers and sisters.

The kid wouldn’t last long in the heat, so Vanessa rushed to his aid.

She took him home, giving him the nickname Dust. But the kitten was still very small, so it had to be fed every few hours.

Vanessa had little free time, so she had to turn to a local shelter for help.

A two-week-old baby fell into the hands of volunteers. At that time, he weighed about 260 grams.

Mote turned out to be a girl, who immediately began to be fed every couple of hours.

But there was something special about this cute tabby cat! There were extra fingers on her paws! This rare condition is called polydactyly.

Only 24 hours passed, and Dust recovered by as much as 40 grams, and then only gained weight!

Enhanced nutrition clearly benefited her.

And two weeks later, Vanessa came back to the shelter! It turns out that the woman found another kitten with extra fingers near her home. The little one must have been Dustpaw’s sister…

Vanessa found a few more kittens, but, alas, they did not survive …

Probably, the mother cat tried to move or hide her children somewhere, and then for some reason left them alone.

Dust Sister was named Comet and then sent to the same orphanage to be nursed.

When the pets get better and stronger, the volunteers will find a home for them.

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