It was so much fun watching the sweet little elephant play with the plastic bucket and laugh non-stop (video)

I believe it is uncommon to encounter an elephant that is laughing, and many people find it hard to believe that these creatures are capable of making such noises.

Everything took place at Chang Mai’s MEC Reserve. When a Scottish student called Lorraine went there one day to celebrate her graduation, she had no idea that she would also have the chance to make such an incredible video in addition to celebrating the conclusion of her studies.

You can watch them playing and having fun together in the video below.

He is laughing nonstop because the simple possession of a plastic bucket has made him so happy. Really enthusiastic about it, the little child.

The adorable sounds the elephant produced also left a lasting impression on the reserve’s visitors.

As he chuckled, they stood there gaping. You can’t help but grin when you see the elephant laugh since it has such an infectious laugh.

Lorraine, who has a master’s degree in geology, enjoyed seeing the creatures. They are having a terrific time there, playing plenty of enjoyable games.

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