It’s hard to believe that Claudia Schiffer is over 50! Look at her without any makeup!

The German woman’s timeless beauty absolutely astounds. Claudia Schiffer, a global superstar, is capable of making anyone envious. The model is already 52 years old, yet it doesn’t appear that she worries about getting older.

The diva turned 52 this year and celebrated. She raises three children, continues to wow the public with her stunning beauty, and serves as an inspiration to international fashion designers.

However, nothing can capture a blonde’s beauty as powerfully as when she isn’t wearing any makeup. Schiffer appeared in one of the images posted to the social media site without any makeup at all.

In front of her fans, Claudia had clear skin, an upturned nose, gray eyes, clean eyebrows, and no makeup, including mascara or powder.

The subscribers appreciated the serene image. Many people have remarked that Schiffer seems 20 years younger than she is!

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