“It’s never too late”: 60-year-old woman became a mother for the first time

Introducing Galina, a woman who embraced motherhood at the age of 60 following the heartrending loss of her only child. In the face of this irreplaceable tragedy, she turned to IVF procedures, embarking on a remarkable journey back into the joys of parenthood.

While many may have assumed she was a single parent, Galina is in fact accompanied by a devoted husband who stands unwaveringly by her side. Their enduring partnership serves as a testament to their profound love, thriving even in the midst of advancing years.

Married at 55, their journey culminated in 2015 with the long-awaited arrival of a new addition to their family, a child who would profoundly reshape their world. In response to inquiries about her seemingly youthful demeanor, Galina attributes her vibrancy to her ceaseless engagement and active lifestyle.

Certainly, there exists a faction that offers sharp criticism, yet Galina remains remarkably unperturbed, resolutely focused on nurturing her child. Meanwhile, another contingent reveres her for the audacity, unwavering determination, and indomitable willpower she exudes.

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