“I’ve Never Had Plastic Surgery.” Changed Beyond Recognition Beckham Answered The Envious

It’s obvious that the star used the services of surgeons but she continues to deny her plastic surgery.

Everyone knows that many celebrities turn to plastic surgeries in an effort to maintain their youth and attractiveness, in my opinion. Over the past several years, 48-year-old Victoria Beckham has undergone an unrecognizable transformation. Internet users contrast more recent images of the star beauty with old photographs of the singer and fashion designer.

The fact that the celebrity hired surgeons and cosmetologists may be seen with the naked eye, yet Beckham still denies having plastic surgery. Beckham answered the well-wisher, “I have never undergone plastic surgery. What did she do to her face? “, and “Why are you lying? “.

The comments under the picture of Beckham read, “She doesn’t look like herself,” and “This is no longer Victoria.” Post your comments on this article below.

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