Izzy, ten years old, looks after baby koalas who have been separated from their mothers for whatever reason!

People who rescue and care for animals are always heroes in our eyes. When it comes to children, admiration multiplies. Izzy Bee’s family lives on Magnetic Island, off the coast of Australia, where there are a lot of koalas. 

The family dedicated their lives to saving koala babies who had been abandoned by their mothers. Izzy’s mother was a veterinarian who knew how to care for koalas. The girl had grown up watching her parents bring in and care for baby koalas. She eventually mastered it herself. 

Izzy is skilled at soothing motherless koalas. Izzy is now caring for Kirky. He required motherly care and refused to eat due to a lack of attention. The girl looked after him in the absence of a parent. 

Kirki gradually recovered and resumed eating. The girls’ parents and acquaintances dubbed her “the koala charmer.” 

Animal Planet even featured the little beauty in one of their documentaries. The film’s heroes were people who cared for wild animals. 

For their wards, the girl’s family built a small hotel. They currently have four small koalas.

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