Janet Jackson about her pregnancy in adulthood

She is so happy to finally experience mothehood!

Celebrities are always in the center of paparazzi attention, especially when they are about to have children. The news about Janet Jackson getting pregnant at 50 caused a stir on the Internet. Her story motivates all women who are afraid to expect children after 50.

Janet decided to get pregnant from her third husband only. The man is a businessman from Qatar – Wissam Al Mana. Janet married for the third time in 2012. The world found out about the singer’s pregnancy in April, when Janet postponed her Unbreakable World Tour.

This pregnancy was a sensation.

Janet was incredibly happy to become a mother, just like any other woman. The legendary singer cancelled the second part of her tour saying: “My husband and I are focusing on our family. Please, try to understand that it’s important for me to do this now”. Then she commented on the new chapter of her life: “We thank God for our blessing!”.

However, fans and paparazzi are still concerned about her late pregnancy. Some scientists even expressed their opinions on the risks. There were articles that contained hidden criticism of mothers of “advanced age”.

People started thinking that Janet had undergone an IVF procedure. A fertility clinic even mentioned Jackson on their web page. Journalists kept discussing the condition of the 50-year-old singer.

Despite all the criticism, discussions and concerns, Janet Jackson gave birth to a healthy child on January 3, 2017. She named the child  Eissa Al Mana. Soon her publicist shared: “Janet Jackson had a stress-free and healthy delivery. Now she is resting comfortably”.

Instead of refuting the rumors about her doing IVF, Janet focused on motherhood together with her career.

In her interview to the Stellar magazine, Jackson mentioned she didn’t like to complain about parenthood and tried to do everything on her own. “It’s really difficult to be a mother and work at the same time. And I do not want to hire a nanny. If my mother managed everything with 9 children, there’s no reason for me to complain or give up. Surely someone takes care of him when I’m working, but in general, I do everything. Of course, there are many hardships, but he has changed my life. My baby always comes first!”.

Janet believes that her late pregnancy and the successful labor was definitely a blessing!

When asked when she felt the most beautiful in her life, she replies: “I feel the most beautiful whenever I am with my son, because he is a gift from God!”.

Janet broke up with her husband shortly after the baby’s birth. Currently, she’s a singe mom, who tries to find some time for her child, her career and herself. But she forgets about all the hardships, when she carries her son in her arms at the end of the day. “I believe I will need someone to help me in the future. But as for now I have no one and I like it. I have always had a calm and patient nature. And my patience has increased now when I’m a mother. He is my priority. I wake up every morning and go to sleep every night thinking only about him!”, mentioned Jackson.

Eissa is already 5 years old. In 2022, Janet posted a touching video on her Instagram account devoted to her son’s birthday.

“You’re growing up so fast. Such an intelligent, beautiful boy. Wishing you a life full of magical moments. You’re Mama’s Luv”, wrote the happy mother.

As Janet has mentioned, Eissa is already showing interest in music. But Jackson wants her son to spend his childhood the way he wants. She is ready to accept his every choice: “It’s up to him. If he doesn’t want to follow in my footsteps in music, that’s fine! I wouldn’t like him getting involved in show business from such a young age. It’s not for everybody”.

What do you think about late pregnancies?

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