Jason Momoa undressed on a TV show, delighting fans with his fit body! (video)

An evening program guest was Jason Momoa. While appearing on television, the American actor removed his pants.

The main character in the film “Aquaman” the lead actor spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about his boyhood in Honolulu. The powerful, attractive man arrived at the performance in style.

The spouse of Lisa Bonet made an appearance wearing a satin purple blouse, pajama-style pants, and a long pink coat with gold epaulets that resembled hussar epaulets. Sunglasses and leopard print moccasins finished the outfit. The actor wore pearl jewelry around his arm and neck. Jason created a ponytail out of his long hair.

The actor discussed his upcoming film, “Warlord,” which is based on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.” In addition to playing the lead, Momoa also took on the roles of writer and executive producer for the miniseries.

Jimmy Kimmel in-depth questions the actor on the project. The presenter was also curious about Hawaiian attire. Jason then got up from the couch and started getting dressed. In addition to his top, the actor also removed his pants.

Jason was dressed in a loincloth with a thong-like appearance at the rear. An item of clothing was draped across the actor’s “dignity.”

“This is the classic malo that Hawaiians wear, with the stress on the final syllable. I’m doing my best to get acclimated to the image. I adore getting dressed for my part, therefore I wear this every day. And yeah, my ass is on fire.” Momoa clarified.

The actor replied in the positive when Jimmy inquired about his comfort level while using this bandage. “I don’t want to dress up anymore. You simply cannot comprehend how at ease I am without restrictions, Jason said.

Fans of the actor fiercely responded to such a presentation, but they loved his body. “Amazing physique for 43! Fans said, “You don’t need clothing with such a figure!”

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