Jennifer Hudson Expresses Grief Over Passing of American Idol Vocal Coach Debra Byrd at 72

Jennifer Hudson is feeling very sad because Debra Byrd, who was a vocal coach on American Idol, has passed away at the age of 72. She died in Los Angeles on Tuesday, but we don’t know the reason.

Debra Byrd worked on American Idol for ten seasons and also helped singers on shows like The Voice, Canadian Idol, Military Idol, and Majors and Minors. She even coached famous singers like Kelly Clarkson and Barry Manilow. Byrd suggested Jennifer Hudson for the role of Effie White in the movie Dreamgirls in 2006.

Jennifer Hudson posted on Instagram to express her sadness about Debra Byrd’s death. She said Debra had been supporting and encouraging them from the beginning. Hudson thanked Byrd for all the things she taught them. She said Debra’s legacy will live on through the music of many artists she influenced. Hudson shared a photo of Byrd and a video from their time on American Idol.

Barry Manilow also shared a tribute on Twitter with a picture of him and Debra Byrd. He said he’s feeling very sad about her passing and will miss her dearly.

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