“John, beware of me!”: Jennifer Aniston showed a cute video, hinting at an affair with a famous actor

Jennifer Aniston, 53, shared a humorous video featuring Jon Hamm, 51, on social media. The relationships of Hollywood stars were the subject of persistent rumors.

The celebrity displayed a video of her hawking low-calorie energy snacks. Jennifer made up a comfortable tent and arranged her belongings on the counter. The bars, which Jennifer offered to take for free, were quickly taken by every member of the group.

Hamm walked up to Aniston at the conclusion of the video. He noticed that nothing was left when he turned to look around the counter. Jennifer then advised him to grab a bag of protein that he could mix with his coffee. If it was free, John clarified. The actress gave a positive response. Hamm and Aniston exchanged glances before the actor walked away.


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“We are appreciative that “The Morning Show” allowed us to take over the personnel. I owe you an entire box of candy bars, John. Stock up now! With a few heart emojis,” Jennifer added the caption to the video.

At first glance, the video appears innocent, but it actually confirms the actor-relationship suspicions. After the two were seen holding hands in September, there were rumors that they were having an affair. Additionally, Jennifer acknowledged that she was finally prepared for a romance in her most recent interview with Allure.

The couple gets along well. Let’s send them good vibes!

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