Johnny Depp consistently attempts to keep his son, 20, away from the media! But recently, his images started to circulate online

Johnny Depp, a famous actor, seldom ever makes public appearances with his kids. Don’t forget that Johnny is the father of two kids. The actor’s oldest daughter just celebrated turning 23. 

Lily-Rose Depp is a working actor and Karl Lagerfeld’s personal inspiration. At numerous social gatherings, the star’s eldest son is an uncommon guest. Jack, 20, keeps a private life and hardly ever uploads images online. Journalists were able to locate fresh images of the actor’s adult son. 

It’s important to note that Jack acquired his famous father’s good looks. Internet users think Jack grew up to be a perfect replica of Depp. Just ogle this lovely man, you think. 

See how they’re alike? In the comments section below this piece, share your experience.

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