Julia Roberts’ 15-year-old daughter is incredibly similar to her star mom. What does the heiress of one of the most beautiful actresses look like?

Julia Roberts is rightfully considered one of the most attractive actresses in Hollywood. She built an excellent career and a strong family. For the past 18 years, Julia has been married to D. Moder, with whom she has three children.

I can’t believe she’s 52 years old today. Already, the actress does not appear in films so often, because she devotes most of her time to her beloved family. But a worthy replacement is growing up with such a mother. To date, Hazel is 15 years old, but she already surprises those around her with her appearance.

At first, the baby reminded everyone of her father, but she became like her mother over the years. They only differ in hair color, but over time, Hazel will only get better. It seems to many that the girl looks like another famous actress – S. Johannson. If you compare their photos, you can clearly find similar facial features.

Surely many will be interested in what the baby is doing today. The star mother is not trying to make her daughter popular, but on the contrary, Julia gives her the right to choose. Hazel is a good student at school, she likes team games. The girl has not yet managed to prove herself in something specific, but she already had two minor roles.

Most likely, Hazel will not represent the golden youth who live on the money of their successful parents. Yes, apparently she will not need any help, because the girl by nature has excellent data. Due to the fact that Hazel has good genetics, it should not be so difficult for her to build her own, gorgeous career.

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