Julia Roberts made a splash at the gala evening. The fans are absolutely thrilled over her red hair!

The 55-year-old actress went to the New York event. Julia Roberts wore stylish attire on this particular occasion.

In addition to being a gifted performer, “Pretty Womanlead “also enjoys vibrant imagery. Julia figuratively defies her years by dressing frankly and wearing risky minis. The SeriousFun Gala event was hosted at the Lincoln Center in New York, where the actress made an appearance.

The red-haired beauty wore a miniskirt and moored jacket as part of a sophisticated gray and white striped outfit. Julia opted for pointed, lace-up stiletto heels and threw a vivid, cropped striped coat over her shoulders. The bottom strands of Roberts’ long hair curled into delicate curls when she untied it.

Julia made a subtle cosmetic choice, using mascara to subtly highlight her eyes. Pink lip gloss optically accentuated them, and pink blush added freshness to the face. Accessories are still on the actress’s mind. Julia selected some tidy rings and silver earrings to go with her black mani. In order to avoid freezing in a mini, Roberts put on tight black tights.

Fans of Julia were overjoyed by her appearance!

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