“Just try not to praise her dinner!”: How did 73-year-old Joan McDonald become a bodybuilder grandmother?

While complaining of back and joint pain at the age of 25, some lose tens of extra pounds and become an idol among young people. Among these is 73-year-old Joan McDonald, who decided that age would not be an obstacle to her cherished, unusual dream.

Many people know the desire to wrap themselves in a cocoon, surround themselves with harmful goodies, and hide from worldly problems. So it was with our today’s heroine.

But one day it became the cause of even greater problems. Her weight approached 100 kg, and her body began to suffer from an excess of sugar and other harmful substances that Joan ate her problems. In addition, she completely stopped looking in the mirror, because she saw only disappointment there.

In addition, it became painful and difficult for her to walk, as her body was unaccustomed to the new “load”.

And then my daughter came to the rescue. She gave her a smartphone, where training and diet programs were downloaded so that her grandmother returned to duty. And the author of the programs was Madame Michelle herself, one of the most popular American fitness trainers that ever existed.

Step by step, she overcame difficulties, which led her to the title of the most inflated grandmother on the planet, who not only feels great but also looks gorgeous!

Just look at those biceps, that tight back, toned ass, and legs! Is she really 73?

Today she has already forgotten about the programs that she originally had. She lifts serious weights and gives odds to the young, who look at her with admiration as if they were God.

She easily lifts 80 kg, although she used to breathe heavily when getting out of bed!

In addition, Joan is the best proof of the true power of the phrase “it’s never too late. ” If she could, then everyone can, the main thing is hard work and determination.

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