Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber has posted new photos showing her flawless figure!

Hailey Bieber published a picture honoring her birthday. The American model, age 26, posed while wearing revealing clothing.

The wife of Justin Bieber is an accomplished model as well as an entrepreneur. Hayley started her own skincare line and established a cosmetics company. Gentle lip balm is admired not just by fans but also by famous people. The model displayed a novelty with the flavor of a birthday cake in observance of her birthday.

Hayley was the star of a sexy picture session for the relaunch of the balm. Backstage, the model appeared. The niece of Alec Baldwin posed with her hair down and barely any makeup on. Bieber flaunted her flawless skin, which she highlighted with a pink blush.

The model wore pink pants and a pink T-shirt with gray accents. Hailey captured a nice image from above.

Bieber faithfully maintains the form, so she could not pass up the chance to flaunt a flat stomach and toned slim hips.

Currently, Hailey and her husband are in Japan. When Justin’s new store in Tokyo opened, the pair took a plane there. In order to spend more time together and celebrate Hailey’s birthday, the couple decided to stay in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The model’s best friend, Kendall Jenner, flew in to visit her even though she celebrated her 26th birthday last week in Los Angeles. Together, the girls captured some adorable images.

Kendall and Hayley held hands in a street embracing posture. Kim Kardashian’s younger sister wished her best buddy a happy birthday. With such an unexpected gift, Bieber was thrilled. The niece of actor Alec Baldwin keeps touring Tokyo with pals.

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