Kate Fisher’s Remarkable Transformation and Journey to Tziporah Malkah

In the 90s, Kate Fisher was one of the most successful models globally.

From her early days in the modeling world, Kate Fisher, who no longer responds to that name, was destined for a great supermodel career. She had four Vogue covers to her name, acted in a movie with Hugh Grant, and even had a relationship with billionaire James Packer.

However, recent years brought significant changes to the life of this Australian star. Her usual way of life was completely turned around. She’s no longer the beautiful, slim girl she once was, and she’s stepped away from the modeling business, seemingly for good.

Kate Fisher started her modeling career at a young age and quickly became one of the most successful and recognizable models in Australia. She was just 14 when her beauty and talent were noticed, and since then, she appeared on the covers of various fashion magazines.

Her relationship with billionaire James Packer began in the mid-90s. The couple dated for a full 5 years, and they were even engaged for 2 of those years.

In 1998, Kate Fisher and James Packer announced their breakup. After the split, the model collected all the expensive gifts worth $500,000 that her ex-lover had given her and threw them into the ocean. Kate blamed James’s friends for their relationship falling apart.

Later, she moved to Los Angeles and began a romance with a businessman who suggested she invest her money in a profitable business. However, this fiancé turned out to be a con artist who spent all her savings. On top of that, he had a wife and child he hadn’t mentioned to Kate.

After such deception, Kate Fisher returned to Australia and found herself with almost no means to support herself. She received assistance from a charitable organization and lived in a shelter for single women for a while. For many years, she refused to even see her parents and preferred a life in a small room at the homeless shelter, drowning her sorrows.

Following these events, she found solace in Orthodox Judaism. This faith inspired her to change her name, and she now calls herself Zipporah Malka. Her new name carries a deep meaning and is a tribute to her Jewish grandmother, following a tradition passed down to the eldest granddaughter.

Today, the former model firmly refuses to respond to her old name “Kate” and even the nicknames “Zip” or “Zippy.” This is a serious matter for her, and she’s ready to defend her new name and faith against those who take liberties.

Zipporah has found a new calling. She works as a caregiver for the elderly, providing them with care and support.

For several years, the former model remained out of the public eye, but journalists suddenly made a sensation out of her, capturing the radical changes in her appearance. And Zipporah Malka participated in a photo shoot for a women’s magazine in a medical outfit. She then took part in another photo shoot in a very revealing outfit for a competing magazine, proving that she’s not going to hide.

Zipporah admits she’s aware of the extent of her problem: her weight at 260 pounds is severe obesity. But due to her job and extreme tiredness, she can’t stick to a diet. That’s why she’s not losing weight.

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