Kate Winslet Stuns in Stylish White Blazer at ‘The Regime’ Premiere

Kate Winslet looked serious at the New York premiere of The Regime.

The famous actress, 48, wore a big white jacket over a pretty, low-cut top as she shined on the HBO show’s red carpet event on Monday at the Museum of Natural History. Winslet wore black pants and high heels with her outfit.

Her hair was curly, and her makeup was simple with shiny pink lipstick and light pink eyeshadow.

The show has six episodes and will start on March 3 on Max. It’s about life in a strict government as it falls apart.

“After staying in the palace for a long time, Chancellor Elena Vernham (Kate Winslet) becomes more and more worried and unstable. She starts to trust a soldier named Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts), who is unpredictable. As Zubak’s influence on the chancellor grows, Elena tries to get more power, but it causes problems in the palace and the country,” the summary says.

Winslet feels confident on the red carpet because she loves herself.

“In your 40s, especially mid-40s, you might think you’re getting old and things are changing in ways you don’t like. But I’ve decided not to think like that,” she said on BBC’s Woman’s Hour podcast in December 2022.

Winslet believes women become more powerful and attractive as they age.

“We become more confident, speak our minds, and care less about what others think. It’s great. Let’s embrace it, ladies! Life’s too short,” she said.

Winslet talked about how body standards have changed in Hollywood on the Today show.

“It’s really interesting how much it has changed. And I think about the moments I did have to kind of say, ‘Well look, I’m going to be myself. And I have curves. And this is who I am,'” she said.

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