Katy Perry’s Mission Beyond Music: Empowering Youth Through the Firework Foundation

Katy Perry, a famous singer, wants to be remembered for more than just her music. She grew up with little money, relying on food stamps and food banks. She understands the struggles of kids in similar situations. That’s why she started the Firework Foundation with her sister Angela Lerche in 2018. Their goal is to help kids in poor areas have access to the arts.

The Firework Foundation runs Camp Firework, where over 400 middle schoolers from underserved communities around Los Angeles learn about music, art, and more. Katy and Angela are very involved in the camp. Katy even joins the kids in activities like throwing whipped cream!

At Camp Firework, kids also learn about mental health through things like Transcendental Meditation. The goal is for them to take what they learn back home and use it in their lives.

The foundation also offers programs like Leaders in Training, where kids can learn design and music skills. Some have even gone on to attend workshops with schools like FIDM.

Angela feels grateful for the opportunity to work with her sister on such an important project. She’s touched by the stories of the kids they help. Katy hopes that even if people forget her music in the future, they’ll remember the Firework Foundation and the good it does. That’s her real purpose.

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