Keanu Reeves openly said, “I am a single person with no one in my life.”

Everyone knows Keanu Reeves is a kind person, writes boredpanda. Following the success of the first film, The Matrix, the actor chose to donate a portion of his future profits, estimated to be over $ 80 million, to the special effects crew and costume designers. He also remembered the stuntmen, buying each of them a motorcycle.

These are not his only honorable acts. Despite his stardom and generosity, Keanu Reeves is still alone. In an interview with The Jakarta Post, the 54-year-old actor confirmed as much.

The Matrix obviously means a lot to you. How closely do you resemble Neo?

He is superior to me, yet I want to emulate his principles.

Which of his characteristics do you admire the most?

He was a beautiful man with a true passion for Trinity. I really related to him. I also enjoyed his quest for answers. He is a powerful, optimistic, moral, and ethical individual who strives to achieve his best.

What exactly does love mean to you?

Are you referring to romantic love? I am an alone individual. I don’t have anyone, but if I do, I will respect and cherish this person. This is something I wish to experience in my life.

You describe yourself as being lonely. Doesn’t it bother you?

I’m not too concerned about it. This is the answer to your question: I am an actor.

You are a resident of West Hollywood. Do the locals respect your privacy? Can you go along the street without being noticed?

I lead a typical existence. Of course, there are tour buses that go around everyone’s houses. I walk out in the morning, grab a newspaper, and return home to find them. You may feel like an animal in a cage at times. But nobody cares in Los Angeles. The photographers are definitely following you, but I don’t go out or do anything. I’m incredibly boring.

Keanu Reeves, 54, is not married. He dated Jennifer Syme, who died in a vehicle accident in April 2001. Jennifer had given birth to the couple’s stillborn child a year before. The actor has not been spotted in a meaningful relationship since then.

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