Kitten finds a new home on a flooded street (video)

How amazing is life! A small kitten struggled to keep on the water when suddenly a man rescued him. Instead of drowning, he found a new home!

Cottage Park (California, USA) was flooding. Due to heavy rainfall, the streets turned into entire canals full of water. Nancy Campbell heard a squeak in the water and asked her husband to check. The man climbed into the water and pulled out a tiny kitten, which, with all his last strength, kept on the water and called for help.

Nancy was able to capture the miraculous rescue on video and posted it online. After a while, the journalists found out about the rescue of the kitten and decided to find out how he was doing. Nancy said that after the rescue, they adopted the baby, and now he is a member of the family!

The commentators were delighted with such a kind act and wished the cat long life!

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