Kitten with a special appearance thanked the people who noticed her

A special kitty with an unusual appearance and several ailments was in desperate need of help. People couldn’t even imagine what she went through when they saw her on the street.

This little cat with a special appearance was spotted on the street in Florida, USA. The poor fellow was covered in several burns, and people didn’t understand what had happened to her, that she was in such a state. They were ready to help her and give her a new life.

The cat was taken to the Fox Foster Kittens. The veterinarians determined that she was about six weeks old, and she was in an extremely sad state. But despite all the difficulties that she had to endure, the baby was very grateful to the people and did not stop purring.

The kitty was given the name Bernadette and began to take care of her sensitively. The volunteer took her to her place for overexposure, and in every possible way helped restore her health – with medicines, dressings, antibiotics, and other therapy.

Every time, seeing how the guardian enters the room, Bernadette was happy and lay down with her belly up and waited for affection. Every day the baby made new victories, becoming stronger.

After a couple of weeks, she began to grow fur on her back, where there had been burnt before. Interestingly, in place of damaged skin, she grew white fur, although the cat itself was completely black.

After a month of leaving, Bernadette recovered and was ready for a new life. For her, they quickly found a family that happily accepted a new pet. Be happy, little one!

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