Kourtney Kardashian’s Advice for Stylish Post-Baby Dressing: Prioritizing Time with Baby

Kourtney Kardashian, a famous TV star, is giving advice on how to dress after having a baby.

She recently had a baby boy named Rocky Thirteen with her husband Travis Barker. Kourtney, who is 44 years old, shared a picture on her Instagram story where she talked about what she wears after having a baby and while breastfeeding.

She said she usually wears big coats, flat shoes, leggings, and baggy clothes like her husband’s old t-shirts and Dickies pants because they’re comfortable and easy to put on quickly. She wants to spend less time away from her baby when she gets dressed.

Kourtney also shared some quick makeup and hair tips. She said she uses concealer, curls her lashes, puts on mascara, brushes her eyebrows, and wears lip gloss. For her hair, she lets it air dry and tucks it into her coat.

She mentioned that having a good playmat for the baby to play on while she gets ready is helpful, or she relies on her husband to hold the baby.

Kourtney has four children with her ex Scott Disick, and Travis has three children from previous relationships.

Recently, Kourtney and her family went to Sydney to support Travis’s band, Blink-182, on tour. They stayed in a nice Airbnb and had a great time making pancakes and playing games together.

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