‘Legacy’: Princess Diana’s jewelry seen on Meghan and Kate today

Together with the title, M. Markle and K. Middleton received from their spouses the right to wear their family jewelry. Today we would like to tell you what jewels of Princess Diana went to our today’s heroines.

One of the most important pieces on our list is the sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles once gave Diana. By the way, today Kate practically does not remove this jewelry.


This crown was given to the princess when she married Prince Charles. After their parting, the precious item was returned to the royal treasury. Today it can be seen on Kate’s head.

Complete with the ring, Middleton also received earrings with a similar stone. By the way, they also once belonged to Princess Diana.

She also had an aquamarine ring. At one of the major events, Megan appeared in it. By the way, according to some British traditions, it is customary to have something blue in your image if you have chosen a white dress.


If you remember Markle’s wedding, she was wearing Diana’s engagement ring that day. However, it is worth noting that Meghan’s sense of taste is very different from what the princess liked to wear.

However, from time to time she opens a box of family jewelry. This photo is just proof of that.

So, she wore butterfly-shaped earrings and a gold bracelet when she flew to Australia.

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