Two-week-old kitten squeaked with all his might, trying to get attention (photos)

Residents of Florida heard a loud and plaintive squeak in their yard. When they went in search of the source of the sound, they found a tiny kitten that was all alone.

Apparently, the kitten got lost, or his mother left him. The owners decided to wait for the mother cat, hoping that she would return for the baby – but unfortunately, she did not return either in the afternoon or in the evening. Then the residents contacted the animal rescuers.

A local shelter volunteer immediately responded and took the kitten. She determined that it was a girl and she was about two weeks old. The thin poor thing was very hungry and squeaked with all her might.

The guardian named the baby Sienna took her to her place for overexposure and began to restore her condition. The kitty was fed from a bottle for hours, given medicines, and took care of her in every possible way.

Little Sienna was very grateful for the care – she purred loudly in the arms of her guardian after each feeding. She became stronger every day – the efforts of the guardian bore fruit, and Sienna recovered.

Around the same time, another homeless baby named Miles was brought to the shelter. He was the same age and needed to be taken care of. The guardian took him to her and decided to introduce him to Sienna.

When the two met, it was love at first sight. The kittens immediately became friends and began to do everything together. Sienna, as an older sister, helps her little relative with everything and takes care of him.

When the kittens grow up enough, permanent owners will be found for them, but for now – they are happy to spend every day together and help each other become stronger!

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