“Legal Battle Over Backyard BBQ”: Vegan Woman’s Lawsuit Against Noisy Neighbors

Cilla Carden’s decision to take legal action against her noisy neighbors in Perth, Australia has sparked quite a controversy. The massage therapist filed a lawsuit against her neighbors, alleging that their constant use of their BBQ and playing basketball in their backyard prevented her from enjoying her own outdoor space. She described the situation as devastating and sleep-disrupting.

Carden, a vegan, had been complaining about her neighbors’ smoking and barbecuing activities for several months, as well as their children playing basketball near her property. She claimed that they intentionally positioned these activities to cause her discomfort and inconvenience.

After her initial legal claims were dismissed, she attempted to appeal to the Supreme Court, but her plea was also rejected. Carden maintained that her neighbors’ actions were deliberate.

In response to the legal dispute, Carden’s neighbors reportedly took steps to address the situation. They reportedly instructed their children to stop playing basketball and removed the barbecue from their backyard.

However, the case gained widespread attention, and a Facebook event was created for a neighborhood BBQ to show support for the tradition of outdoor grilling. This event drew a massive crowd of 24,000 people, prompting a police warning and threats of legal action from Carden’s lawyer. The BBQ event was eventually postponed.

It’s worth noting that Carden’s lawyer emphasized that she doesn’t have an issue with people consuming meat or having barbecues. Despite the public backlash and differing opinions on the matter, Carden’s decision to pursue legal action against her neighbors has certainly stirred up debate and drawn significant attention to the issue of neighborhood disputes.

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