Legends On “Matlock”: Randy Travis and Andy Griffith collaborate on singing

One of the popular TV shows of the past was “Matlock”, featuring the legendary actor Andy Griffith. The show had guest stars in some episodes, and one of them was Randy Travis, a renowned country singer.

In a scene set in the family room, Andy and Randy were seated on a worn-out couch. Andy wore a checkered shirt and played the ukulele, while Randy played an acoustic guitar with a dark shirt. The two singers joined their voices to sing the song’s ensemble refrain, “And commitment me that you’ll be never, be no one’s beloved but mine.”

From 1986 to 1995, the “Matlock” show was a hit on NBC and ABC. It had engaging court sequences, and Andy Griffith played the main character, Ben Matlock. Fans of the show would recall Ben’s love for wieners and his all-black outfit, which added individuality to his character.

Randy Travis shared his experience of filming the “Matlock” episodes, saying, “I was admiring it on our previous time together,” referring to Andy’s small hand-made guitar. After a few days, Andy brought the same type of guitar to the set and presented it to Randy as a gift.

The guitar that Andy gave to Randy became a precious possession. Randy said, “It’s fantastic! I pick it up and play it regularly, and it’s now in my house.” The two performers cherished the time they spent working on the popular TV show together.

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