“Life as a Muscular Female Bodybuilder”: A Perspective on Breaking Stereotypes

Natalya used to weigh only 40 kilograms. She started bodybuilding when she was young and eventually sacrificed some aspects of her femininity for the sport. Now, more than 807 thousand people follow her online.

At 26, Natalya became a professional powerlifter, bodybuilder, and a world master of sports in lifting. She lifts weights that are considered heavy even for men, like 165 kilograms for chest presses and 240 kilograms for pulls.

Natalya says that a few workouts each week are enough for her to feel good. 

She’s honest about her body, mentioning that she achieved her current physique partly through cosmetic surgery. She couldn’t build the feminine chest she wanted through training alone. However, her honesty is appreciated by all her followers.

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