“Like a girl!” 54-year-old Kylie Minogue showed slender legs in a fancy mini-dress

The famous Aussie displayed her trim, suntanned body while wearing a fanciful, layered dress with black trim and frills. Without wearing any additional accessories, Minogue enhanced its height with stilettos and garnered a lot of positive feedback from admirers.

The famous person relaxed her blond locks and gave them lovely waves. The beautiful outfit was finished off with a dash of vibrant red lipstick.

She cordially welcomed followers with the caption, “Hello, lovelies.” They retorted, “Hello, colorist.”

That comes just after Kylie enthusiastically left fans wondering if she will serve as a judge on the inaugural season of “Drag Race Down Under.”

Recall that after returning from the UK and being compelled to quarantine, Minogue spent time in a Melbourne hotel. Now that she is back home with her family, she is ecstatic and eager to spend some time there.

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