“Like a Girl Wearing Her Mother’s Panties”: Kim Kardashian In Pink Lingerie Was Ridiculed On The Web!

“I did not expect this from Kim.”

For Valentine’s Day, Kim Kardashian presented the newest lingerie line for her company. The star of the reality TV show served as her own model.

The ex-wife of Kanye West thinks that she can promote her new items better than other models. In her own dressing room, Kim organized a photo session. The reality TV personality showed up seated close to the mirror.

The mother of numerous children put on a bodysuit that was light pink with inserts all around it. The pants also appeared a bit “voluminous” at the same time. The images appeared bold.

But not everyone approved of the shooting. Kim’s underwear was ridiculed by several online users for being overly obnoxious.

“I recalled how, as a youngster, I used to wear my mother’s pants.” one of the bloggers said, “I did not anticipate this from Kim, but it looks really cheap.”

The kid of Kim Kardashian just got to know her stepmother. The youngster, who was with her father and his young bride, was seen in a restaurant.

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