“Like an Angel Descended From Heaven” — Archival Photo of Rihanna Without Underwear is Discussed on the Web!

The 34-year-old Barbadian singer Rihanna is among the most well-known artists of the present.

The celebrity gave birth to her first kid last spring. A$AP Rocky, an American rapper, is the child’s father.

Although they earlier said that they will do this following the birth of the kid, the young parents have not yet formalized their connection.

They continue to keep their son hidden from the world and do not give him a name.

On December 7, Rihanna’s official fan page published an old photo of the singer. The picture was taken from the 2016 song “Needed Me” music video.

The singer merely covered her shoulders with a white translucent robe while posing, which did not completely conceal her dark-skinned beauty. The star’s hair was then cut short.

The singer’s followers expressed their surprise at the singer’s candor in the comments section.

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