“Like parents, like children”: famous children who almost cannot be distinguished from parents

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Children grow up with the blink of eye! It’s hard to believe that the children that we once knew are already well-known in their own way and have a great resemblance to their famous parents. It’s said “the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, and it’s true, especially when children inherit all the nice genes of their parents.

Here is a list of celebrity children that have grown up and looks extremely like their parents.

Tom and Colin Hanks

Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer

Stellan and Alexander Skarsgård

George and Dhani Harrison

Bob and Ziggy Marley

Chris and Robert Pine

Gwyneth Paltrow and Blythe Danner

Clint and Scott Eastwood

Mick Jagger and Georgia May Jagger

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson


Zoë Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

Will and Jaden Smith

John and Sean Lennon

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