Lilo the big-eared cat was all skin and bones until she was taken into her care by the kindest volunteer

After meeting her new family, the adorable cat, who was always distinguishable by her large ears, received a completely new lease on life.

Jenny works as a volunteer at Wrann Rescue and came across a post about a mother looking for a foster family for her newborn babies.

The kind volunteer was unable to remain impartial and stepped forward to provide assistance.

“I was just astonished when they first arrived at my place. They were quite underweight and malnourished,” Jen said.

They also had additional issues, such as upper respiratory infections that they were all dealing with.

The mother cat and her older kittens started to recover day by day, but the youngest still required syringe feedings.

The big-eared kitten was just eight weeks old and was skin and bones.

After receiving careful care, she eventually regained the strength to play. Jen anticipated that her health would progressively become better.

When she finally began eating on her own, she realized the kitten would be okay.

She started to put on weight and display her sweet personality thanks to medical assistance and wholesome meals.

The cat, despite being the smallest, was always on the go and brimming with affection and spirit.

The cat’s ideal family soon came to accept her once she was old enough to be adopted.

“I was so moved to give the cute cat a forever home when I spotted this sweet little kid.

I thought I ought to bring her home. She simply stole my heart,” Anne said.

When Annie also said that Kittie and Hickory were inseparable, she understood that she would have to adopt both of them since she could not keep them apart. Simply put, these two were best buddies.

Simply put, the kittens felt wonderful in their forever home. They warmed up to their new mother right away.

They are currently taking advantage of the attention they receive by sharing their enormous bed and cuddling up in their mother’s arms.

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