Lisa survived when her mother abandoned her in an abandoned house, and she went on to become famous

This girl’s life did not begin on a happy note. Her own parents abandoned her alone in an abandoned house. She did, however, survive and achieve tremendous success because of the care of her foster mother.

Lisa, from the Yaroslavl area, was left alone in an old abandoned house more than a decade ago. Her neighbors heard her weeping and phoned the police a few days later. Even law enforcement authorities were taken aback by what they saw: the girl was alone in a dark and chilly room, terrified and fatigued.

The girl was immediately rushed to a children’s hospital, where doctors confirmed she had a hip fracture after inspecting her. The police sought the girl’s parents but were unable to locate them.

But, owing to one lady, Lisa’s life altered significantly while she was in the hospital.

When Inna arrived at her ailing son’s bedside, she heard a baby sobbing in the adjacent room. When she arrived, she discovered young Lisa sitting alone on the bed. After learning about the child’s predicament from the nurses, the woman continued to visit her and bring diapers, toys, clothing, and food.

This lasted approximately a week. However, Inna did not locate Lizonka in the hospital one day. She was informed that the infant had been sent to a shelter.

The mom already had two boys at the time, but the girl tormented her.

“I went there with all my strength after learning the address where the baby was taken.” “I don’t even remember how I got there,” Inna says.

The woman then made a life-altering decision. She went to the orphanage to fill out an adoption application. This procedure proved to be lengthy, but she did not give up. Nonetheless, Liza moved to a new home with her adoring mother.

“I was afraid enough to walk through the front door with a girl in my arms. Mom, who opened the door for us, was frowning. When the baby dropped into her arms, she kissed her and didn’t give me back for a long time. Lisa is now her favorite granddaughter.”

Of course, the girl’s rough start in life was frequently felt. She was terrified, shy, and frequently sobbed. However, kind and caring individuals assisted her in coping with all of the hardships.

Lisa was frequently bullied at school due to her dark skin color, but she found the strength to ignore all of this. “She is not self-conscious.”People will always gaze at you – be ready for it!” I warned her when she was a child, mom explains.

But it wasn’t until her foster mother signed her up for dancing courses that the youngster felt genuinely happy.

Lisa won several skill and beauty contests when she was 12 years old, and she even became a model.


“We are grateful for all types of contests and tournaments since they helped Lisa work hard toward her goal,” Inna said.

Later, the story of Lisa received media attention, and her own mother, having learned of her daughter’s achievement, began to seek a meeting with her. But the girl refused to attend the meeting, preferring to remain loyal to the family that had aided her all these years.

Then, 15 years ago, Lisa was really fortunate because, along her life path, she met Inna, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the kid had a lovely upbringing and a bright future.

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