Little boy was selling playing cards to save up money for his dog’s treatment

This boy came up with an incredible idea to save his friend

You don’t have to be the strongest to be considered a hero. And this 8-year-old boy is a proof to that.

Bryson Kliemann’s dog got sick, and the boy didn’t even hesitate to sell his Pokémon cards to get some money. The little dog was saved by his loyal and loving companion.

Bryson loves all animals a lot, and has always wanted a puppy for himself. However, the boy’s family couldn’t afford one. But the boy’s dream finally came true one day. His parents adopted a 4-month-old Labrador for their son. Bryson named him Bruce.

“My son wanted a dog for a really long time. We decided to buy a house, and he realized, he could now get a puppy”, told Kimberly Woodruff – Bryson’s mother.

Bryson and his siblings were over the moon when they found out they were going to have a dog.

Everyone loved Bruce, but Bryson became his best friend. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, Bruce got infected with canine parvovirus.

Bryson’s family couldn’t afford the hospital bills and couldn’t pay for the dog’s treatment. They were getting ready for the worst.

Bryson, on contrary, never wanted to give up on his closest friend. He came up with an incredible idea to make money and save Bruce.

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