“Lone Entrepreneur at 8”: Boy Buys New Home, Faces Homelessness After Losing Apartment

There was a boy named Aaron, who was just 8 years old. His family faced a tough situation and almost became homeless because they didn’t have enough money.

Aaron lived with his mom, brother, and sister in Los Angeles. His mom lost her job, and they couldn’t afford to pay for their apartment. They were about to move to an old barn, where life would be really hard.

One day, Aaron’s mom jokingly suggested that he start a little business to buy toys for himself. She forgot that she always told him to go after his goals. Taking her advice seriously, Aaron decided to grow and sell plants. He used his 12 dollars to buy 8 plants.

He sold the plants for $16 and made some money. To reach more people, he created an Instagram account to showcase his products. His story spread across the internet, and some even organized an auction on GoFundMe to help him.

After 8 months of hard work, the family saved $40,000 and finally bought a small apartment. Aaron, the young and smart businessman, continues working hard to save for an even bigger house.

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