Lonely Puppy Makes Beeline For Student, Wanting To Go Home With Her (video)

The teeny abandoned puppy ran over and pleaded for a home.

While she was away at school, Annie came across a little, forlorn puppy. In urgent need of assistance, the dog went over to her while whining and waving her little tail. But first Annie had to make sure the puppy’s mother wasn’t around in order to save her.

There are a lot of stray animals in Turks and Caicos, and Annie felt for every animal that was in need of a home. She couldn’t save them all, but at least she could save one abandoned puppy who wasn’t even old enough to consume solid food. The dog enthusiastically drank from Annie’s homemade bottle, indicating that she hadn’t fed in some time.

Annie made the decision to take the puppy home with her and gave her the name Midge after Mama failed to appear and locals confirmed that the youngster had been on her own. There was just one issue, though: Annie had one week remaining in her program before she had to head back home. There was no way Annie was going to leave Midge behind.

Midge’s destiny was altered by a single phone call, and what transpired after was remarkable. We are appreciative to Annie and other animal lovers! To learn the next chapter of Midge’s tale.

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