Look what Jean-Claude Van Damme’s beloved wife and children look like!

In addition to practicing martial arts, Jean-Claude Van Damme was a well-known athlete. He traveled much while competing. There was a period when the actor was performing ballet at the same time. He somehow caught the attention of people from the film business during one of the sporting events.

They asked him to participate in a little episode of the movie. But his depiction on the screen started to cause a real stir. After then, films starring him started to surface one after the other. He became a true celebrity. The actor has three children and has been married five times during his life.

The actor’s third wife, Gladys Portugues, gave birth to two of his children. The pair, however, frequently misunderstood one another. They soon got divorced as a result. Jean-Claude remarried, but he soon came to the conclusion that Gladys was the only single woman he really needed in his life.

So, following a second divorce, the actor got back together with his third wife, who later became his fifth wife overall.

The Son of the actor, Christopher Van Varenberg is the oldest. He goes by the genuine name of his father. Few people are aware that Jean-Claude had an alias when he first started out in his profession.

The actor’s son continued his father’s career by actively acting in movies.

In order to avoid drawing attention to her well-known last name, daughter Bianca also made the decision to choose a pseudonym for herself. After all, she made the same decision to pursue acting as her father and brother.

Darcy Lapierre, the actor’s youngest son, is 24 years old. He is an exemplary example of the golden youth. He ran into legal issues for a while. The man, however, does not wish to relate his life to the movies.

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