“Looks Like A Tired Pensioner!” It’s Hard To Come To Terms With The New Face Of Handsome Hugh Grant

The actor no longer gives the impression of a sex symbol.

Hugh Grant is one of Hollywood’s most prominent actors thanks to his exceptional acting abilities. He put on a ton of very different personas over his career, and in each of them, he was great in his own special way.

But the idol of millions was not spared by the years. The ladies themselves were enthralled by the artist, who was always wonderfully gorgeous and alluring, in his youth. Grant was regarded as that heartthrob. All of that has changed now.

Internet people regretfully observe that it is difficult to accept Grant’s new appearance after seeing his new images. The actor is no longer perceived as a sex symbol. Instead, he appears to be a worn-out retiree who merely wants to be left alone as soon as possible.

The movie actor, however, has no plans to use his appearance in any way. Grant has made it clear time and time again that he is against cosmetic procedures like Botox injections or plastic surgery, which many of his coworkers misuse.

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