Lopez stunned fans with a picture in a translucent bodysuit

Jennifer Lopez is an incredibly bright and loud artist who is already fifty-two years old.

On her Instagram, she often posts not only photos from life but also from concerts – however, she is not the only one doing this. Pictures from her performance have been circulating on the network for some time – there she’s performing at some bright event.

She is far from dressed as usual – there are no high heels familiar to everyone and hairstyles that make her taller. Of course, it’s no secret to anyone that a woman’s figure is far from being a model – her height is 164 centimeters, and a spicy figure does not match the model in any way, so without heels, she looks smaller and wider.

This is exactly what people wrote in the comments – although there were those who expressed their enthusiasm about the image of a woman.

How do you like this celebrity outfit? Share your opinion in the comments!

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