“Lost 100 Pounds After The Third Birth”: New Photos Of Jessica Simpson Scared Close Friends!

I feel absolutely healthy

Being the mother of three kids, Jessica Simpson has significantly dropped weight. The 42-year-old actress and singer even frightened the audience.

The Hollywood icon was sighted at Kennedy Airport in New York. Jessica had lost a lot of weight. The actress opted for a black blouse, lace-up high-waisted leather leggings, and a cropped emerald jacket.

The celebrity was with her spouse, not by herself. The four-year relationship culminated in the couple’s 2014 marriage. Currently, they are parents to three kids: daughter Maxwell, 10, son Ace, 9, and daughter Birdie, 4.

Jessica has shed considerably more weight in recent months. Her fans worry about her health. Although she naturally has a curvy form, her cheekbones are now sunken and her clothing is flowing loosely about her. She doesn’t resemble herself at all.

She received a lot of criticism and even mockery when she was overweight. Simpson said that she weighed 260 pounds with her most recent pregnancy, making her larger than her sporty husband.

“I needed to change my eating habits, so I saw a dietician. I feel as healthy as I did before having children and my hormones going berserk. I feel younger in fact. The Daily Mail cited Simpson as stating, “I have a lot more energy, and sure, I can wear anything in my closet.

What do you think about the weight of the actress? Is she too skinny?

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