Love and family are the only things that matter

We come across a lot of photos that make us smile and sometimes make us laugh to tears.

Even after many years and decades, we realize that our love has not changed.

1. Photographed on a first date when we were teenagers. Nothing has changed even after 20 years and after 2 children.

2. Their love for each other is as eternal as their love for cakes.

3. Carousel of love.

4. The bond between father and daughter is eternal.

5. 10 years difference.

6. Boys are always boys.

7. Love upside down.

8. Brothers.

9. Superhero costumes.

10. Father and son pose together after 60 years.

11. Accurate reproduction of a memorable moment.

12. Because friends are forever!

13. Once a foodie, always a foodie!

14. 23 years later.

15. Games will always be fun, even after 33 years!

16. Birthday.

17. Pajama love.

18. Years pass, but the family always stays together.

19. Road adventures are incomplete without friends!

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