Magawa, the sapper rat who saved thousands of people’s lives

Magawa is a sapper rat who was the first in history to be awarded a gold medal for courage. The rodent found around 90 mines and explosives, saving thousands of lives.

Magawa is a sapper rat who spent five years in Cambodia locating bombs and mines and assisting the police. Magawa was taught by the APOPO organization in Belgium five years ago. Unfortunately, the rodent died at the beginning of this year, but he became a true hero.

Magawa discovered 71 landmines and 28 unexploded ordnance in five years of work. He was the first rat in history to be given the PDSA Medal for Bravery two years ago. After many years of hard work, the rodent took a well-deserved retirement last year when he began to work slowly.

Everyone who worked with this brave rodent mourns his passing and remembers him fondly. “Magawa has assisted in the detection of over 100 landmines and other devices. Despite his small size, he has contributed to the saving of thousands of lives and the restoration of a safe environment in a number of Cambodian communities “According to Magawa’s trainers.

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