Man checks how long his girlfriend can ignore an engagement ring

This is one of those stories that they will tell their grandchildren over and over again, writes BoredPanda. When Edie Okoro decided that his girlfriend Callie Reed was the one, he bought the ring and started looking for the right moment to propose to her.

“I am a spontaneous improviser and I decided to take as many photos as possible to find the “right” moment to propose. I carried the ring around with me, hoping that the “moment” would come along with my elemental style. After about a month of waiting for the right moment, I sat on the couch, admiring “my charm” (yes, by this time I was very attached to this ring) Kelly almost caught me.

1. He admired him while Kelly was cooking.

2. Put it in her jewelry.

3. He put it on his finger in her presence.

4. Posed with a ring at home.

5. Opened while Kelly was sleeping.

6. He was very amused by these photos.

7. Eddie admired the ring in the supermarket…

8. …in the car…

9. Held right in front of Kelly’s nose.

10. Put it on her back.

11. On the table during a selfie.

12. On the bridge during the trip.

13. And while traveling.

14. Over the sea.

15. On an excursion.

16. On the beach.

17. The ring is always with them.

18. And here is the best photo.

In the end, they did get engaged. And when Edie showed Kelly his entire collection, she laughed for a long time.

Well, we suggest Kelly do the same with a pregnancy test!

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