Man forgot to lock the car and drove home with a four-legged friend!

He could not refuse this poor animal!

Bill Shaver pondered, “Who needs my car?!” and then made a brief trip to the supermarket. That day, the man was coming home after going fishing. To buy water, he made a halt next to a store. What a shock it was when he returned to see a dog sitting on his seat!

The animal appeared quite worn out. The dog’s eyes plainly conveyed a need for assistance. Bill already had three dogs at home, but he was powerless to turn this poor creature away!

The man phoned his wife while giving the dog the food he was carrying. She quickly consented to a new pet.

Bill dropped by the veterinarian on the way home, who checked the dog and gave him a prescription for unique flea, tick, and wound treatments.

Without any issues, Bill’s animals embraced the newcomer and made friends with him. The only visitor who wasn’t pleased was the cat, but his heart quickly softened.

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