Man jumps onto subway tracks to save little kitten (photos)

This story was shared with us by a man named Yegor, the owner of a cat cafe. Once a man was going about his business when he saw a small kitten on the rails. He immediately decided to turn to the subway staff to help save the kitten.

The cat spent several days on the tracks. And all this time, the subway employees did nothing. They did not even try to help the baby, who was getting more and more frightened of the train passing over him.

Yegor soon realized that he needed to take some measures on his own. He jumped onto the tracks to help the unfortunate little one. But this act caused a flurry of negativity from the subway staff, who could help the kitten calmly at night. And no one would have to take the risk.

Also, the subway staff called a police detachment, who detained the man for illegal actions. But in the end, after analyzing all the details of what happened, the man was released.

The baby, who was saved by the man, was sheltered by new owners. Her leg was broken and her tail was cut off. It seems that before throwing the animal away, someone mocked her enough.

The kitten was given the name Ryska and now everything is fine in her life. She has fully recovered and is surrounded by care and love.

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