Many couples wanted to adopt a baby, but when they saw her live, they immediately refused. But luck smiled at the girl

This little girl named Maria was born in the Philippines. Immediately after the birth, her parents wrote a refusal, because this child would only be a burden for them. The girl ended up in an orphanage, and it was not easy for her to find foster parents, not everyone decides to raise such a child.

Many couples came for Maria, but as soon as they saw her, they immediately refused to adopt her. Just a girl – an unusual child.

The baby suffers from tetra-amelia syndrome. She was born without arms and without legs. It seemed that such a disease was a sentence for a baby, and she would have to spend her entire childhood in an orphanage, and what would happen next was scary to even think about. But fate smiled at Mary. There were people who traveled hundreds of kilometers for her sake.

A couple from America – Adrianna and Jason have already raised two children. But they wanted to have a big family with many children. The first adopted child was a boy named Joshua. But they were so eager to adopt a girl as well, and they looked through hundreds of photos of children for adoption. So the couple saw baby Mary. The girl charmed the spouses so much that they immediately went to the Philippines. When all the necessary documents were collected, they were able to look at their adopted daughter with their own eyes.

When they saw her, they could not hold back tears from excitement.

At the moment, Maria lives in America, Utah. Of course, adaptation was required, because everything was new for the girl: language, people, home, brothers and sisters. Brother Joshua began to help the baby learn English, it was not difficult for him, because he himself was born in the Philippines. Gradually, the girl was able to find a common language with her older brother and sister. The Stuart family is told that Mary is a wonderful child. She is very kind, sympathetic, and cheerful. And the biggest emotion for parents is that the baby always asks to be the first to feed her favorite toy – a teddy bear.

Strange as it may seem, Maria never sits idle. Although it seems that a person without arms and legs cannot do anything, the girl completely breaks this stereotype. A special device was made for the crumbs, with the help of which it can perform many functions.

Maria already knows how to work on a computer, draw, eat, and much more.

The baby is now very happy, because she lives in a large family where she is taken care of, loved, and in no way considered a burden.

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